VOLUNTEERS turned out to help with the second part of an action plan to clean up Hereford's duck pond over the weekend.

Organised by Colin James, who runs the online forum Hereford Voice, local resident Keith Marston and Councillor Jim Kenyon, the aim of the work was to restore the area to its former glory.

The Hereford Times reported in August how the action plan was prompted after visitors to the area over the summer found the pond almost entirely covered in green duckweed and algae.

The first part of the clean-up, which took place last month, involved around 60 people.

Colin James said: "We had a slightly less turn-out this time but we got a lot done. We cleared some more large, overhanging branches, thinned out some bushes and opened the path up at the bottom end.

"We also started painting the fence – Hereford City Council paid for the paint and brushes.

"The remaining fence down the side of the grass still needs to be painted, so we are looking for volunteers to help complete this."

Mr James extended his thanks to all those who had been involved in the voluntary effort – including the Castle House Hotel and the Beefy Boys for donating food, Vets4Pets Hereford for sponsoring signage and J Mart and Ann Marie for providing much needed items, such as paint brushes and sand paper.

Anyone who can help with the remaining work should email admin@herefordvoice.co.uk