HEREFORD-born Natasha Price’s inspiring courage and determination in fighting back against a cruel, crippling disease has been rewarded with a key role during next year’s Commonwealth Games in her adoptive country.

Seven years ago, the 36-year-old was bed-bound in Hereford having been diagnosed with Devic’s disease, yet succeeded in returning to her parents, former Hereford United player Chris Price and his wife, Linda living on Australia’s Gold Coast.

Earlier this year, Tasha was back in Hereford to visit family and friends with renewed hopes for the future. She now reports from home near Brisbane that she is “totally overwhelmed and so excited” to have been selected as a feature Baton bearer for the Games on April 1.

“This means that my story will be up there for the world to see. It’s crazy!” says brave Tasha, who is determined to fight for a better deal for the disabled. She has logged her story in an on-line diary entitled Tasha’s Journey since the first symptoms of her disease, neuromyelitis optica or Devic’s disease, struck in 2010.

Back then she had accompanied her sister, Danielle on a year-long stay in Hereford. Tasha, who was a performance dancer in a local nightclub while planning to complete a Master’s degree in travel and tourism management, woke up one morning blind and immobile. She was eventually diagnosed with Devic’s disease, which causes paralysis and visual impairment, type 1 diabetes, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis and brucellosis. Only after months of urgent fund-raising by relatives and friends was she able to return home to her family in Queensland.

During her recent visit to Hereford, Tasha discussed her business plans for designing and producing active wear and accessories for those with disabilities. She explained she wanted to “put a different face on disability”.

She still has to spend at least two-and-half hours each day exercising at the gym, and ingesting a daily range of medications takes eight hours, but her story of courage and strength has singled her out for this most prestigious honour.

“Two Baton bearers in each locality have been selected to be featured on the Games’ website due to the strength of their inspiring story, and I’m one of them in the region where I live. I am totally overwhelmed and so excited – I get to be part of history!”

*Natasha Price’s story is on Facebook at Tasha’s Journey & her Quest for a Wheelie Great Life


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