FIND out the secrets that the rocks beneath your feet can reveal to help raise money for a project aiming to protect a section of rainforest.

Geologist Paul Olver will give a talk on The Landscape of Herefordshire at Clifford Community Centre on November 16 at 7.30pm.

Dr Olver will explain what the make-up of rock strata can tell us about Herefordshire as it was millions of years ago.

Tickets are £6, to include a glass a wine or soft drink, and are available on the door or in advance, by calling Jenny Bullough on 01497 831416.

Proceeds from the talk will go to the fundraising organisation The Size of Herefordshire, which is campaigning on behalf of two charities, the Forest People’s Programme and Cool Earth, to protect an area of rainforest in north eastern Peru, the same size as the county of Herefordshire.

The forest, and the way of life of the Wampis, the indigenous peoples who live there, is under serious threat from loggers, oil prospectors and gold miners.

One way you can donate to The Size of Herefordshire is through an interactive online map which links land parcels in the county to areas of the rainforest.

A 10-hectare square of land, the area where you live or a favourite place, costs £5 to sponsor.

The next £5,000 to be raised by The Size of Herefordshire has been earmarked for the purchase of a large boat to enable the Wampis to bring the leaders of their communities together to plan resistance to the loggers who threaten their land.

Size of Herefordshire co-ordinator Jeremy Bugler said: "The Wampis live in 67 villages scattered over a vast area - more than six times the size of Herefordshire.

"It’s divided by a large mountain range with two large rivers, the Santiago and the Morona, on either side providing the only access. So, the boat must be large. It will be named The Hereford."