THE lives of those who made Ledbury's Master's House their home 100 years ago will be told in a new play.

Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society will turn the clock back to perform their World War One drama, Between the Lines, later this month.

Action will focus on the daily joys and sorrows of those living and working in the Ledbury landmark as war raged on with devastating consequences.

Director Sally Watson invites the audience to come and meet the colourful characters who bring the past to life.

They include the master and his wife who are visiting from Hereford with their temperamental cook, the fiercely proud housekeeper and her timid scullery maids, and the doctor who has angered many locals by not enlisting.

Written by Rachel Lambert who wrote The Visit, the play was first performed last year to packed audiences.

The first performance is at the Master's House on Thursday, October 14, while the final one is on October 21.

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