MORE than 100 villagers, past and present, gathered on Sunday afternoon for the official opening of the Wormelow telephone-box library.

The red box, which has stood at the heart of the village outside the cricket ground for generations, has now taken on a new lease of life as a miniature lending library largely thanks to the efforts of Rosemary Rigby, who has raised the funds and organised the repairs and renovation of this modern icon.

Each pane of glass in the box is engraved with the name of a contributor, many who live or have lived in the village in the past but other names come from as far afield as Mansfield and Whitehaven.

"I'd like to thank all those who have worked so diligently to make this day happen," said Miss Rigby.

"I wondered who should take on the task of saving this telephone box but my connection with red telephone boxes goes back to the day I was born.

"My aunt rode three and a half miles on her bicycle to the nearest box to announce the news of my birth to various family and friends so it had to be me."

The opening ceremony featured music from Ruby Ann Sings, singer Ruby Mann who led three cheers for Rosemary Rigby.