CABARET was nothing like I expected it to be – and I loved every second.

As uncultured as I am, I didn’t know the storyline before I went to the sold-out performance last night at Malvern Theatres.

Not only did I not expect the full frontal nudity but I also wasn’t prepared for the rollercoaster of emotions I felt during the show.

I went from feeling delight and awe at the amazing choreography and singing - to feeling uncomfortable and on edge as the story edged closer to a Nazi-run Germany.

The story takes place in Berlin in 1931 in the midst of the post-First World War economic depression.

The first half focuses on the exciting and alluring Kit Kat Club where the master of ceremonies is played by the fantastic Will Young.

He is mesmerising at the pansexual Emcee who guides the audience through the show with humour but is also able to tug at the heartstrings during the darker moments – mainly in the second half.

Louise Redknapp is sensational as Sally Bowles, a performer at the Kit Kat Klub. There is no doubt she is a brilliant singer and dancer.

She strikes up an unconventional romance with aspiring author, Clifford Bradshaw, played by Charles Hagerty, who has just arrived in Berlin.

While his sensible landlady, Fraulein Kost, played by Susan Penhaligon, agrees to marry fruit seller, Herr Schultz, played by Linal Haft.

But in the second half things start to go wrong as the beginnings of Hitler’s totalitarian regime become more obvious.

It is a stunning show – the set looks amazing and the costumes are fabulous.

The dancers at the Kit Kat Klub are also a huge part of the show and are all incredibly talented.

Cabaret is a joy to watch, even in its darker moments, and has now become one of my all-time favourite shows.

Cabaret is at the Malvern Theatres until Saturday. Due to its popularity it has sold out. To find out more go to