A HIGH-street shop which sells hardware, homeware and garden products won the National Retailer of the Year award.

This Hereford BID award wanted to recognise a national store which demonstrated they are at the heart of and an essential part of Hereford life.

The judges decided that Wilko Retail Ltd in Maylord Orchard did just that and gave first prize to them, with Waitrose and Specsavers Hereford as runners-up.

The finalists showed how they contributed to the business community in Hereford, providing employment to local people, as well as offering consumers choice, quality and service.

Shane Willis, manager at Wilko in Hereford, said: "I think it is great. In terms of what we bring to the community - what Hereford means in general to everyone - it is really about what we put back in.

"It is all for the customers and people of Hereford.

"Everything we do is for the customers and the part we play in the local community."

Wilko is a national retailer with more than 400 shops, passionate about providing excellent products at the right prices in the heart of every community.

Shane said: "At the moment we are in massive growth. We opened three years ago and we have grown 20 percent year on year.

"It is massive. We think Hereford is a hidden gem. We love Hereford - we are Team Hereford all the way."

Wilko provides a helping hands scheme which offers donations and help to local events and charities. Recently, Wilko Hereford provided a local animal shelter enough food to look after its animals for two weeks.

Along with the helping hands scheme, Wilko is the driving force behind the Hereford healthy high street campaign. In association with HBID they bring all the other retailers together to make a difference to the local community.