A HEREFORD school chef is on the hunt for a group of schoolboys who staged a strike over their 'inadequate and poorly cooked' school meals in the 70s.

Andy Boast is appealing to anyone who took part in the infamous 'dining room strike' at Hereford Cathedral School, which made the front page of the Evening News in April 1971, to see how times have changed.

One boy who refused to eat his stew – and also refused to be named – told the paper: 'This has been boiling up for some time,' before describing the food 46 years ago as 'pretty bad'.

Mr Boast now wants to track down the boys, invite them back to Hereford and show them how school dinners have transformed. The boys are probably aged 55-60 and could now be living anywhere.

The school chef has set a date of November 16 for a dinner strike reunion, which falls during National School Meals Week.

Mr Boast, who has been head chef at Hereford Cathedral School for five years, said: "We hope they appreciate some of our nutritional, tasty meals today and hopefully see that the standard has improved since they were at school.”

Since starting at the school in 2012, Mr Boast has completely changed the lunch menu, introducing more food choices and a new salad bar, and on certain days he cooks a giant Spanish paella.

As well as daily fresh breads, salads, soups and vegetarian options, Mr Boast has kept popular classics on the menu, such as roast dinner on Wednesdays and fish and chips on Fridays.