ONE of the few living survivors of the most notorious Nazi death camp spoke to students about his life story when he visited a county school last week.

Werner Reich, now 90 and living in New York, spoke to John Kyrle High School pupils about the his experience of the horror of Auschwitz in Poland during the Second World War.

Pupils heard how he had gone from Germany to Yugoslavia and Austria, with time also spent in the UK before – around 12 years after being liberated – he married and emigrated to the USA.

He also touched on his wife Eva's story; her life had been spared by the actions of Nicholas Winton, a British man who had saved the lives of nearly 700 children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia just prior to the outbreak of the war.

Werner challenged John Kyrle students to consider what kind of people they wanted to be.

Head of RE Nick Wardale thanked Werner for sharing his story with JKHS students, stating: "It is my hope that our students will remember what they have learnt from Werner today and share it with their own children and grandchildren. I am certain Werner's words will have had a profound effect."