A 'SUPER gran' on a mission to life life to the full after her granddaughter survived a natural disaster is proving to be an inspiration to her family.

Emma Edmunds might be 83 but she is certainly young at heart – proving she has a head for heights and a fearless disposition after taking a flight in a plane, a hot air balloon ride, a 13,000 ft tandem skydive, a tandem paraglide off the top of the Long Mynd, and, most recently, completing the longest zipline in Europe.

Her granddaughter, Caroline, was on the front page of the Hereford Times in April 2015 after being reunited with her mother Sarah Darling, Emma's daughter, following a devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Caroline, now 30, had been in the city of Chitwan – some four hours drive from Kathmandu – enjoying the last days of a trekking trip that finished her tour of south-east Asia and India when the quake struck and her mother, who lives in Wigmore, feared she had been killed.

But Caroline's survival story inspired her gran to live her own life to the full and she has been steadily ticking her adventures off her bucket list.

Sarah said: "It was pretty dramatic. I thought Caroline was dead for three days and it was the most horrendous thing. I kind of hid that from mum so when that was going on I was saying 'she's fine' but we were panicking.

"After that, because of the amazing bravery Caroline showed, mum decided she wanted to write a bucket list of things she wanted to experience, as she knew life was precious and could be so short.

"I am so, so proud of her. When you see this beautiful look on her face when she does these things and she's just laughing and smiling and she just wants to go bigger and faster on anything she does."

There are still a few things left on Emma's 'to-do' list, although a wing walk will probably have to be ruled out for health reasons. Sarah is hopeful, however, that she can fulfil her mum's wish to swim with sharks, having found a centre in Manchester.

Caroline, who now lives in Canada, coined the phrase 'super gran' for Emma, who was in the RAF in her younger days.

Sarah, 53, added: "My mum just keeps everything together and she's this inspiration that just believes she has got to live every second to the full."