A GOLDEN Valley manor house resembled a rural Andalusian village when an equestrian evening under the stars created a very special atmosphere.

With the temperatures up and the riders immaculately attired, Monnington Court played host to more than a dozen Morgan horses who wowed the crowd at the 12th century home.

From carriage driving to the quadrille riding team to individual performances, the British Morgan Horse Society wanted to demonstrate the astonishing beauty and versatility of this special breed.

“We’re so pleased that a whole new group of horse enthusiasts got to meet the Morgans,” said BMHS spokesman Doug Wade.

“These horses love people, and you could sense their excitement at getting to strut their stuff before such an appreciative audience.

Despite a history stretching back to 1789, the Morgan horse is little-known in the UK.

With a common line of descent stretching back into the 18th century from a single American stallion – owned by Justin Morgan, from whom the breed takes its name, these gentle horses are shown at prestigious events across the US and beyond, where their graceful necks, proud carriage and highstepping gait makes them a firm favourite with audiences around the world.

And that was certainly the case when more than 100 equestrian enthusiasts travelled to the scenic setting to take in the rare sight.

"I’d encourage anyone who’d like to find out more to get in touch via our website – morganhorse.org.uk," added Mr Wade.