HEREFORD'S Mayor thanked a group of volunteers for the help they give to the NHS.

The Severn Freewheelers are a "Blood Bike group" who use emergency-specification motorcycles to provide an out-of-hours medical courier service to hospitals in the region.

Since starting their service in 2007 they have answered over 33,000 calls and covered over 1,300,000 miles, carrying anything the NHS needs that will fit on a bike – samples, transfusion blood, medication, medical notes, surgical equipment, vaccines, X-rays and latterly breast milk.

Sharon Michael, the Mayor of Hereford, adopted the group as one of her charities this year and met volunteers in High Town on Saturday.

Donations were collected for the group when it was also confirmed that the Severn Freewheelers will be handing over an emergency-equipped bike to be based at Hereford Fire Station in the coming weeks.

Edward Kendrick, the charity's vice-chairman, said they are looking to recruit local riders who must be at least 30 and hold an advanced riding qualification.

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