Malvern Theatres Young Company presents The Crucible, Arthur Miller’s 1950s masterpiece, which plots the brutal self-destruction of a fragile Puritan community obsessed by fear.

It’s 1692 and a dark magic possesses Salem. A children’s game has terrifying consequences as accusations of witchcraft break out. The God-fearing citizens are on their guard and no one is beyond suspicion. As investigations reach their height, a young woman accuses Elizabeth, the blameless wife of John Proctor. False allegations are rife as the devout community is enveloped by a hysteria from which it can never return.

Malvern Theatres Young Company, under the direction of Nic Lloyd bring audiences startlingly close to the action of one of the most powerful plays of the 20th century, which echoes the prejudices and narrow-mindedness of the 1950s McCarthy witch-hunts and continues to resonate today.

Malvern Theatres Young Company was established in 2012 and aims to create a unique opportunity for talented performers to experience life in a theatre. Working with a fully professional team, including directors, choreographers, costume, set and lighting designers, Malvern Theatres Young Company allows young people aged 8-25 the chance to be involved in a professionally staged theatre production; empowering them to take their first steps into this exciting career.

There will be no charge for admission. Instead, there will be a collection after each performance in support of future Malvern Theatres’ projects.

The Crucible will be at Malvern Theatres from Wednesday, August 16 to Saturday, August 19. Book your free tickets online at or call the box office on 01684 892277.