The art group is holding an exhibition of their work in Bredwardine Village Hall during August. Members of the club have put together more than 80 paintings and drawings using a wide range of media and surfaces.  They include portraits, landscapes and seascapes, flowers and still-life paintings and one or two whimsies to amuse.   The range of styles reflects the personalities and preferences of our amateur artists and there is sure to be something to interest everyone.  Although the hall is not open to the public every day visitors to the market on August 11th; to the fete on August 5th  and the barbecue on August 29th  will be able to browse the exhibition as they have tea and cake.  We hope that this is the first of many such exhibitions and that it will encourage other keen artists to join the club.  To find out more ring Kari Lawson on 01981 501077 or Brenda Taylor on 07855 143048 or find us on Facebook @ Bredwardine Art Group