PRIME Lambs - 2921: Another full market of lambs in a week where there have been numbers everywhere. Yes, the trade is less, it is bound to be, we’ve yet to see it continue to rise through June! Nevertheless those good meated 39kg+ lambs were in good demand averaging 232p/kg topping at 267p/kg for a pen of 39kg from M/s T J Blandford, Swords Farm. Any amount of lambs in excess of 240p/kg - in fact the top 20 prices were all in excess of 248p/kg.

Lambs from Mr P H Beavan, Church House and the Heath Partnership topped at £114/head for two pens of 47kg and again any amount of those 42kg+ weights selling in excess of £100/head with the top 20 prices all above £107/head.

Weight is now certainly paying and again it comes down to numbers - there is a shortage of those heavy weights and there are any amount of those 30-37kg on the market hence the fall in trade on the lights.

Meat is also a significant factor with too many leaner and loose coated lambs forward and today it paid to have meat and weight. Whilst it is not worth dwelling too much on the past it is interesting to note that today’s trade is still 50p/kg up on the same week last year and 70p/kg up on the year previous to that.

Three Counties Show Butcher’s Lamb Competition

Class 1 (S243) - Pen of 5 even lambs by any sire, out of an unrelated breed of ewe up to 43kg:

1) Mr T J Blandford, Swords Farm 39kg £104.

2) M/s W E and N J Powell, Lower Blackhill 39kg £97.50.

3) Miss J E Hyde, Brimfield 37.5kg £88.80.

4) Mr V J Eaton, The Lynch 40.5kg £100.50.

5) E J Bufton, Stoke Lacy 40.5kg £102.

6) Tenbury Farm Supplies 40kg £103.

Class 2 (S244) - Pen of 5 even lambs, ¾ bred to pure bred up to 43kg:

1) R Helme, Ford Farm 43kg £109.

2) H J Pugh, Upleadon 36.5kg £87.50.

Show Champion: Mr T J Blandford, Swords Farm.

Reserve Champion: R Helme, Ford Farm.

Couples - 186/244: A smaller seasonal entry of mainly hill bred and harder bred ewes and hoggs with lambs. A large crowd of purchasers still very keen to source couples as grass still remains plentiful. Ewes and lambs topped at £184 for a Suffolk and yearling and twin lambs. Other stronger bunches of lowland ewes from £145 to £166 (£50-£55/life). Hill bred ewes to £123 for twins, other twins to £112, singles £80 to £90. The hoggs and lambs topped at £188 for a very smart bunch of coloured Mules. Others from the same farm to £183. Suffolk and hoggs to £145 with others trading £120-£138, smaller and plainer outfits £95 to £110, overall average £51.20/life.

Rearing/weaned calves: A very meagre entry with a large crowd to receive them. British Blue steers to £510, purchasers for lots more stock at Hereford every week. Contact Rob Meadmore on 07774 763971.

Store lambs - 288: A larger entry found another competitive trade not as dear as last week which is not surprising as the fat trade has eased. A show of mainly longer term farming lambs which topped at £64.50 for the mixed lambs, others from £54 to £60, smaller long term sorts £48 to £53, very small sorts to £32. A run of Suffolk and Mule ram lambs to £64.80, others at £62, Suffolk and Mule ewe lambs to £72 and £59. Dorset ewe lambs to £72 and £60. Overall average £56.35.

Store hoggs - 15: Very small entry to £56.50 and £46.

Cull ewes - 1803: Sharp trade throughout the sale but with less big continentals to speak of. However top price of £142.50 for a lovely pen of 6 Texel ewes. A lot of work done between £60 and £80 resulting in a respectable average of £68. Good competition throughout with hill ewes especially easy to sell, generally £50 to £60.

Average £/head - £68.

Continental £142.50.

Suffolks £101.

North Country Mules £85.

Welsh Mules £80.

Speckles £62.50.

Welsh £61.50.

Cull Rams £122.

Cull Wethers £70.