GROWING up in this rural part of the country should never be a barrier to achieving great things – as one young woman who has gone from Herefordshire to Hollywood can vouch.

Jemma Moore, 24, lived in Leominster for seven years from the age of 10 before moving to London to follow her dream of becoming an actress.

It was horse-riding skills she gained while out and about in Herefordshire and through attending Leominster Horse Show that helped her win a role as one of the Queen's Guard in blockbuster Wonder Woman – the highest grossing film in the US chart last weekend.

Miss Moore said: "Wonder Woman is the biggest thing I have ever worked on. It's just got number one film in the world.

"A girl got in touch from school and said they were looking for Chinese females or ethnic diversity females who can do horse riding and act."

But, having initially been involved as a rider for battle scenes, Jemma met director Patty Jenkins who moved the actress to 'cast' as a member of the Queen's Guard.

"We were riding at Warner Bros next to the Fantastic Beasts set and it was mad," she said.

As a youngster, Jemma dreamed of a career as an actress before completing an English literature and drama degree at the Queen Mary University of London.

After that, she trained at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

"One of the first jobs I got was on The Double which was directed by Richard Ayoade.

That was pretty amazing," she said.

But the biggest break yet came when she got the part in Wonder Woman, a role which took her to beautiful locations in Italy and the Warner Bros studios.

"It was incredible. Everyone was there with their children and it was a very family-orientated film," she said.

It's also a film that has a heroine at the centre, played by Gal Gadot, who is surrounded by a strong female cast – a factor Jemma hopes will be empowering for other young girls.

"It was inspiring. We were riding and I came around this corner and there was all these women riding side by side sword-fighting and it was amazing," she said.

"It was one of those experiences where you didn't quite realise what you were doing until you had a quite moment or a break. I think I welled up in tears at one point.

"I'm getting Instagram followers who are saying 'thanks for being a role model' which is bonkers."

She has also been involved with producing an all female crewed short film called All of Me which premiered at Cannes film festival.

Wonder Woman is out in cinemas now.