A CITY centre events venue has been given a touch of greenery thanks to the planting of its own 'mini orchard'.

Customers of the Left Bank, which overlooks the River Wye, can now enjoy a stylish mini orchard of apple trees which have been planted by volunteers in vintage whiskey barrels at the venue's courtyard and roof top balconies.

Orchard Origins, who planned and created the orchard, are a social enterprise whose team of volunteers care for orchards, and their wildlife, while improving their own wellbeing.

Julia Morton, from Orchard Origins said: “Herefordshire is a county of orchards and bringing one into the city, with a twist, putting it in pots, has been really satisfying. We hope the customers at the Left Bank will enjoy watching the trees grow and change with the season.

“It’s also been a great experience for the team. Many of our volunteers have experienced mental health issues and their volunteer roles give them a chance to recharge, relax and connect with nature.

"Often we’re out in the middle of the countryside but this project has meant we can see the great effect nature – in this case a mini-orchard – has on other people too. We had a great response from onlookers as we planted up the trees on site.”

The project has been funded by Heineken.

For more information about Orchard Origins, their products, services and volunteering opportunities visit: www.herefordshirewt.org/orchardorigins