AN ALTERNATIVE sport which gives people a different way to see the River Wye has been making waves in Herefordshire.

Stand Up Paddleboarding is one of the country's fastest growing sports and one which is seen as an alternative to canoeing as a way to explore the river while also staying healthy.

Richard Tyler and Sam Clarke have launched Wye SUP which aims to introduce county residents of all ages and abilities to the sport.

?"The uptake has been pretty good and we have had quite a few people out on the boards," said Richard.

"It's another activity that people can come and try during the summer rather than being stuck in doors. It is available to everybody and is a really accessible sport. Participants can start by standing up or kneeling and work their way up towards standing.

"It's a work out for the whole body to stand up on a wobbly board as it is physically challenging but not massively demanding. The main feedback is that people thought that it would be hard like surfing but the reality is that the boards are so wide that they are stable.

"Generally within five minutes we have everybody stood up and moving around. Nobody has fallen into the river yet unintentionally. If you want to stay dry there is a very good chance you can by sitting down or kneeling."

Wye SUP uses venues at Whitney Toll Bridge, Byecross Campsite, and Hereford Rowing Club where they offer tuition sessions.

They provide hire, tuition, and river trips for individuals and groups of all sizes down the length of the River Wye and surrounding areas.

Paddleboards can also be loaned for half a day or a full day to allow participants to travel from place to place.

"We were quite surprised that because canoeing is so popular that there isn't anywhere in Hereford or all the way up the river that does anything like this," added Richard.

"It's a good alternative to canoeing as it's a similar set up but is something completely different."

For more information contact Richard on 07710123858 or email: