MORE than £400 has been raised for a children's hospital through sales of a very special beer made in Leominster – and there is now another chance to help boost that total.

Mervyn Mahony and Serah Anderson of the White Lion in Leominster and Jimmy Swan and Gill Bullock of Swan Brewery joined together to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital with the launch of a bespoke 4.4% full bodied premium ale called Lily Little Legs.

For every pint sold through the popular pub, publicans Serah and Mervyn set aside funds for Birmingham Children's Hospital and, as the popularity of the ale increased, it was also available for a limited period through Leominster-based wholesalers LWC.

During that time, both Swan Brewery and LWC contributed to the hospital fund.

The hospital played an important part in the early years of Lily Anderson Mahony (of Lily Little Legs fame), daughter of Sarah and Mervyn of the White Lion and Anna Swan (daughter of Gill and Jimmy of Swan Brewery).

Both girls had treatment and surgery there in the first year of their lives and are now thriving.

Mervyn Mahony said: “Our Lily has been an inspiration to us. It really shows how good people can be that they’ve helped us to raise this money for the hospital.”

Lily Little Legs is back again for a limited period and is again proving popular with White Lion drinkers, as well as more widely through LWC in to pubs further afield.

A total of £455.62 was presented to the fundraising team at Birmingham Children’s Hospital this spring.