PRIME Lambs - 2131: Some excellent lambs up to 263.2p, 261.5p, 257.1p with all of the best quality 235p+. SQQ 230.4p reduced by some plainer lambs needing more food. 38kg:£100, 39kg:£102, 38.5kg:£99, 40.5kg:£103, 36kg: £91.50.

Heavies to £110, with all of the best 40kg+ at £100+. Lightweights still very respectable, 30kg:£74, 26kg:£64, 32kg:£78. Meat and quality always in demand.

Couples - 438: Being 260 ewes and 334 lambs/178 hoggs and 190 lambs: A very good seasonal entry with demand for all breeds and sizes. Top price was £208 for a bunch of 10 Suffolk cross Mule ewes - yearlings with 18 Texel cross lambs from Mr R W J Hope, Grosmont, who also sold strong yearling ewes with one and three quarter lambs from £198 to £202. Most of the ewes on offer were older sorts with lowland types £108 to £150. Many more hill ewes on offer, all older sorts with twins from £91 to £97. Singles from £67 to £82. Hoggs and lambs sold to £202 on two occasions for 7 strong Suffolk cross Mules with 12 Charollais cross lambs from M/s N J and C V Turner, Penyparc Farm. Another Texel cross hogg with 2 strong lambs sold at £189. Hoggs with singles regularly sold from £140 to £166 with Welsh Mules, Texel and Suffolk cross all in demand. Those smaller sorts or with younger lambs from £94 to £128, with an excellent clearance effected. Overall average £126.23 per couple being £58.19 per life.

Ewe hoggs - 193: Still an entry approaching 200 head and still a fabulous trade. A pen of very nice Beltex cross topped at £126, others then at £115 and £112. Texel cross to £111 and plenty sold between £100 and £110.

Rearing/weaned calves - 8: A short entry but well sold. Only 1 baby calf, a Limousin cross bull at £225. Weaned to £490 for 4 beef Shorthorn yearling steers. Charolais heifers to £295 and again at £275. More weaned and rearing calves needed - we can sell them as well at Hereford as anywhere. Contact Rob Meadmore on 07774 763971.

Cull ewes - 1505: A reduced entry but a trade still just as buoyant with an average marginally better than last week at £70.43/head topping at £118.50/head for a pen of 13 Texel ewes from M/s B Blandford and Sons, Netherton. It is true to say that perhaps the strongest ewes were marginally less but the small Welsh ewes were some bit better. Rams up to £122.50/head with plenty £100/head plus. More ewes could have been sold on the trade.

Average £/head - £70.43.

Continental £118.50.

Suffolks £95.50.

North Country Mules £84.

Welsh Mules £79.

Speckles £59.

Welsh £65.

Cull Rams £122.50.

Cull Wethers £86.