PRIME Lambs - 3644: An absolutely superb entry of spring lambs - almost a record breaker and if you ticked the boxes for meat and quality we had the right ingredients for a flyer. Fresh buyers in attendance ensured competition from start to finish. Hard to believe but the top 20 prices were all in excess of 264p/kg and £109/head and they flew to

316p/kg and £117/head. In fact the trade was getting firmer the further into the sale we went to result in an SQQ of 244p/kg and an overall of 242p/kg which would include all types sold. All weights in demand from 26kg to 52kg and without doubt we could have handled more lambs on the trade. Lovely to see the buyers happy as they've plenty of orders, the Auctioneer happy because he's got a trade and the vendors just 'over the moon'!

Prime hoggs - 1127: When the trade gets to £100, it is amazing who still has a few hoggs left!! Meated hoggs all £2/kg plus regardless of weight from 36kg to 56kg, plenty of hoggs £105 to £115. Handy weight hoggs from 195p to 217p/kg throughout. Plainer hoggs understandably less money although 175p-185p/kg and look every bit as dear as the best hoggs. Hoggs with teeth up very little difference topping at £108, several £95 to £106.50, smaller hoggs £80 to £94.50 with Welsh bred hoggs £65 to £75. Still plenty of competition for the hoggs but time is very nearly over as larger number of spring lambs come out nationwide.

Couples - 1210 (Being 501 ewes/hoggs and 709 lambs): As the season progresses, a reduced entry with just as much demand, vendor expectations exceeded on most occasions. Top price of £214 for a choice pen of Suffolk ewes with plenty of better pens from £150 to £197. Suffolk hoggs and lambs to £192, with other hoggs from £140 to £158. Harder bred couples from £60 to £90. A complete clearance effected.

Ewe hoggs: A reasonable entry of ewe hoggets and a joy to sell. Plenty of pens over £100 topping at £113 for a sweet pen of Texels from K Jones, Penllan. Best of the Suffolks to £109 from M/s Farmer, Clifton on Teme. Good demand right through the sale and an average approaching £95.

Rearing/weaned calves - 31: A larger entry and well received by a big crowd of purchasers. All prices exceeding vendors' expectations to a top of £590 for 8 month Belgian Blue heifers and again at £580 with Charolais heifers to £540 and Herefords to £530. Feeding calves to £305 for a Hereford bull with heifers from £220 to £240.

Cull ewes - 3368: Largest entry for some time, easily coped with by the normal large contingent of purchasers. Well done to all staff and buyers for enduring the long day. As ever best ewes all over £100, to a top of £147.50. Top 20 prices over £110. Festival starts this weekend so check for prospects next week. Very respectable average of nearly £70.

Average £/head - £69.45.

Continental £147.50.

Suffolks £108.

North Country Mules £82.50.

Welsh Mules £75.50.

Speckles £68.

Welsh £62.50.

Cull Rams £124.

Cull Wethers £80.