THE Labour Party candidate for North Herefordshire has slammed what he called an 'out-of-touch' Conservative Party after the Prime Minister announced she was in favour of bringing back fox hunting.

Roger Page, the Bromyard town councillor and deputy mayor who is contesting the seat, said plans to offer a free vote on repealing the ban if the Conservatives win the election showed a 'warped sense of priority'.

That was in light of the fact that many ordinary, hard-working families are worried about falling incomes, insecure employment and cuts to public services, he said.

The Labour Party banned blood sports in 1999 and implemented the Hunting Act in 2004.

Mr Page, who is also the chairman of the Bromyard Chamber of Trade and Industry and works in the private sector as a planning and licensing consultant, said: "It's a warped sense of priorities when Theresa May thinks the return of fox hunting is something the majority of people in this country would support.

"It is absolutely clear that the British public do not want to see a return to hunting with hounds.

"Voters in North Herefordshire want their elected politicians to concentrate on important issues like healthcare, public safety and jobs – not on bringing back cruel blood sports.

"I'm asking everyone in North Herefordshire to sign Labour's petition against bringing back fox hunting and send a clear message to the Tories," he added.