A GROUP of Cargill employees collected 20 bags of litter from the brook near their place of work.

The Big Tidy Up took place along Yazor Brook in Hereford and then continued on to Red Barn Drive, Grandstand Road, Widemarsh Common, Yazor Brook cycle path and Yazor Road.

They also put up bird and bat boxes, sparrow houses and bee shelters and sowed wild flower seeds.

The team collected 20 bags of litter during a Saturday which amounted to 180 kilos of rubbish.

Cargill has a zero waste to landfill status and will recover all collected community waste at their Grandstand Road site.

The Cargill group of 24 were joined by three managers from neighbouring Heineken and eight Cargill employees' children.

Oliver Holmes, Cargill’s environment manager said: "We noted that some bits of Yazor Brook are full of cans, plastic bottles and other litter and this does present a hazard to wildlife.

"Myself and another Cargill volunteer will return one evening in waders to remove this rubbish.”