PRIME HOGGS - 1265: Still a good show of hoggets in terms of numbers and those best types were as dear as we've seen all season.

Those good meated handy weights 39/45kg were all around that 200p/kg topping at 207p/kg for a pen of 43kg from M/s James, Netherwood Estates and plenty of other vendors in excess of 200p/kg, in fact the top 20 prices were all in excess of 195p/kg. The summary of prices speak for themselves and are a clear indication of the flyer we had. The heaviest types sold up to £90 for several pens ranging between 44kg and 85kg, and all the top 20 prices were in excess of £89/head! The next two weeks will be critical in shifting any hoggets left!

Spring lambs - 918: A vastly improved trade on the week and even marginally better than last week with an SQQ of 225p/kg topping at 253p/kg surprisingly for a pen of 28kg from Mr B J Lloyd, Home Farm that soared to £70.80/head, I suppose very few lightweights about. All weights in stronger demand topping at £94/head for a pen of 41kg from Eckley Brothers, Munderfield.

The top 20 prices all in excess of £91/head and more were wanted and could have been sold on the trade. More firms switching over but please make sure the lambs are full of meat to achieve a premium. Many more springers wanted next week.

Rearing/weaned calves: Again a disappointing entry, but all good quality calves forward. Best Hereford cross bulls to £245 and again at £230, with heifers to £220 twice. Friesian bulls to £85 and all calves forward averaged a healthy £180. No weaned calves on offer. For advice etc. contact Rob Meadmore on 07774 763971.

Ewes/hoggs with lambs - 1108 (being 665 ewes and 443 hoggs with their 1445 lambs): Many thanks to vendors for presenting on time and such a marvellous entry which included many outstanding bunches of young ewes and top quality hoggs. Demand was for the very best highlighted by the champion pen from Mrs B M Horne, Hatfield who sold a bunch of 15 strong Texel cross ewes, yearlings last autumn with their 26 smart lambs at £226. Many other pens of good young ewes ranged from £170 to £198 which would include some with strong singles. Both Texel and Suffolk cross in great demand.

Smaller entry of older ewes with lambs with those with stronger lambs to best demand, doubles from £130 to £175, 1½ lambs from £120 to £150 and singles from £98 to £128. The draft of ¾ bred Beltex ewes of ages from 2's to broken mouth caught the eye - those with young but great conformation lambs sold from £198 to £235 on two occasions. Others from £120 to £175. The entry of hill type ewes were mostly older sorts - they again topped at £100 for Brecknock Hill Cheviots with tight coated Charollais cross lambs. Most hill ewes with singles sold from £50 to £70. Those with doubles sold to £118, but mostly £65 to £90.

The entry of hoggs and lambs sold to £195 for two very smart pairs of Texels. Other singles from the same farm £188 to £192. The larger bunches of strong hoggs with well bred singles topped at £190 on three occasions each time for Texel cross Mules with other best consignments well sold from £165 to £188. Best Suffolk cross regularly from £165 to £187. Best Welsh Mules in short supply but met good demand selling at £172 twice. Noticeable at this sale the difference between the best and others not just there. They looked value for money ranging from £120 to £150 for all breeds. Smaller, plainer hoggs from £90 to £112. The overall average reflected the quality being £144.07/couple, £61.98/life.

Store hoggs - 349: Remarkable numbers for the first week of May, however hoggs very much sought after and very keenly bid for by 8 men which considering the time is quite incredible. Strength and meat is key with these very easy to place and regularly selling from £72 to £83.50. Several pens of ewe hoggs which weren't smart enough between £77 and £82. Farming hoggs from £65 to £71.80. Plainer, colder hoggs from £58 to £64.50. Small and plainer hoggs generally all £50 to £58, very small £40 to £49.50. Overall average £67.64.

Ewe hoggs - 374: A nice entry of ewe hoggs found another strong following. Pure Beltex ewe hoggs caught the eye of several and raced away to £142. Very strong Texel cross Mules to £125, with other strong Texel cross Mules from £100 to £115. Smart coloured Welsh Mules to £120 and £116. A pen of white faced Mules to £106. A super pen of Dorset cross ewe hoggs to £115. Suffolk cross Mules to £100, smaller sorts and poorer headed sorts only feeding money and would be better sold in the fat section. Overall average £97.95.

Cull ewes - 2325: A slightly reduced entry with a lot of good ewes on offer. Best continental all over £100 with top 20 lots all over £110. As ever good competition on all types with 8 men bidding for the sheep. Excellent average for all sold of over £70.

Average £/head - £70.74.

Continental £133.50.

Suffolks £113.

North Country Mules £85.50.

Welsh Mules £80.

Speckles £62.50.

Welsh £57.

Cull Rams £126.50.

Cull Wethers £70.