A COUNCILLOR states that Kington Library is 'vulnerable' due to not having any permanent staff.

Library staff currently travel from Leominster to man the service during formal opening hours, but clubs and events outside of those times may face losing their home.

Deputy Mayor Bob Widdowson is urging residents to use the library so it is not under threat during the next round of council cuts.

He said: "In my view Kington Library is vulnerable as it has no staff and is reliant on staff coming from Leominster.

"The country has to pay for Brexit and there is inevitably more spending austerity measurers coming. 

"I'm concerned that in the next round of cuts the library service isn't ended.

"We have to get the usage and support for this library going over the next year or two." 

Cllr Widdowson told Kington Town Council last week that the library are currently looking for a 'trusted volunteer' to open the building outside of regular hours for additional usage.

"Many activities that happen there are outside of the formal library opening hours," said Cllr Widdowson

"At the moment if groups want to use the library outside hours it means a member of the local authority taking time off in lieu inside normal hours which could lead to a reduction in opening hours.

"We are discussing this with the council and we are hoping to have the issue resolved before the end of the month."

The library in Bridge Street is currently open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (9.30am until 1pm and also on a Tuesday afternoon 2pm to 6pm).