THE workplace is changing shape more quickly now than ever before, estate agent Andrew Grant told a gathering of more than 200 guests at his annual Christmas Reception at Worcestershire County Cricket Club.

"It is a key part of everyone’s journey through life," he added, "where we find what we are good at or not good at. The workplace is a key factor of progress and social mobility which is probably going to change even more. It will happen whatever we do. It doesn’t necessarily mean everything changes but agility is required to learn and adapt for leadership to be skilled in influencing others. So education, which was part of our school days, now continues throughout our lives. The challenge is for both employers and employees.

"We all have the opportunity for evolution. The future offers great opportunities. Today there is much curiosity as to how firms might evolve. We are in a time of anticipation and excitement through to a concern at what might be lost. Today there is much curiosity as to how firms might evolve. Any successful company must always contemplate change."

Mr Grant said that in the last 12 months his firm had completed 1,227 sales with an aggregate value of about a third of a billion pounds. He added: "We have taken over two letting agents businesses, namely Philip Rhodes Rogers and Jolly Lettings from Malvern and Select Lets of Worcester. We now manage 1,400 properties and collect over £650,000 a month in rent."