Four Herefordshire paddlers recently returned from Rome after achieving three silver medals at the European Dragon Boat Championships. Derek Herdeshee, Rob Hotchkiss, Dave Lowe and Claude Bailey paddle for the Patrick Gulpers Raft Racing Team and all qualified to be part of the Great Britain Senior Dragon Boat Team at trials held earlier in the year that included paddlers from all over the country.

The crew came away from the Championships with three silver medals, the best a Grand Dragon Team had ever achieved.

Crews from all over Europe took part and this is a build up to the Dragon Boat World Championships to be held in China next year.

Next race on the schedule is a 22 mile race in Paris where the four will be competing with the Rafters Dragon Boat crew hoping to build on the successful results from the Great River Race held on the Thames in London.

Based on information supplied by Jayne Hotchkiss.