LAST week, 40 Lord Scudamore pupils performed an innovative drama show at Hereford's Left Bank.

Devised by Scudamore assistant head Sarah Watkins and local theatre director Estelle Van Wamelo, the River Song was a play all about the river Wye, and required the audience to follow the actors from De Koffie Pot cafe into the courtyard and then all around the Left Bank building. The children played well known characters seen around the river - from dog walkers to birdwatchers to fishermen. Parent Dr Canning commented: 'It was an excellent event and I loved the story moving between the locations. There was a great level of involvement for all the children taking part.' Dawn Lewis, parent, said: 'it was fabulous to see the children thoroughly enjoying being part of such modern and creative theatre. It was clear that the children had learned so much.'

Estelle Van Warmelo used creative writing by children in Year 6 to create the script and the show ended with the children performing a specially written song, created by Estelle's daughter, Livi, who attends Hereford Cathedral School. The show was attended by 80 parents and was so successful that a second show is planned for 2017. Syanna, events manager at The Left Bank, said: 'it was lovely to see the Left Bank used in this way and the children worked really hard to put on a good show.'

Lord Scudamore would like to say a huge thank you to the Left Bank for allowing them to stage the performance there.