THE boss of Herefordshire and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce has called for unity following the Brexit vote.

Mike Ashton, Chief Executive of Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce said it was time for businesses to unite and move forward after the 'divisions' and uncertainty of the debate.

He said: “After months of discussion and heated debate, we now have a result regarding the EU Referendum.

"One thing that businesses don’t like is uncertainty – what we now have is certainty. From our recent polls we know that our membership was split over the EU debate – some businesses will therefore be pleased with the result and others will be resigned to it.

"We now await further political clarity and communication from the Government about a clear timeline for the UK's exit from the European Union and answers to the many real questions which businesses face. In the meantime, however, the nation can begin to recover from the tensions of the last few months and can get back to business; starting to work towards investment and growth.

"The two counties are home to many world-class, successful and innovative businesses. The Referendum has caused some division, but we now need to join together as a business community. The Chamber will continue to support businesses through this period of uncertainty and will continue to work with the British Chambers of Commerce to keep businesses updated and to champion key business issues.”