A COMPANY based in Hereford has won an overseas defence contract.

Global Radiodata Communications (GRC Ltd) in Wyevale Business Park has worked with Airbus Defence and Space UK to build a system called Scytale which provides a communications service that can be installed anywhere in the world- even where no infrastructure exists.

The system offers UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) troops and remote workers away from home, reliable, private connection with family and friends wherever they are deployed in the world.

Following its successful deployment with UK Forces, a further order of 50 Scytale units have been ordered for another Airbus Defence and Space overseas customer.

The new contract order with Airbus Defence and Space, is a welcome addition to the already successful working partnership with one of the leading suppliers in the defence industry.

GRC Ltd is an independent telecoms and engineering company based in Hereford and Dubai.