HEREFORDSHIRE Greenpeace has set up an online survey asking people how they feel about the prospect of fracking at Symonds Yat.

The Wye Valley and Forest of Dean were part of the 159 Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences awarded for fracking across England.

The area has been licensed for gas exploration and development in the form of Coal Bed Methane.

But before a licensee can start operations it must apply for planning and other permissions, which has not yet happened in the area.

Rick Guest from Herefordshire Greenpeace said they were inspired to set up the survey because the government is not asking the public what they think about fracking.

The Llanwarne resident said: "We will just see what people come up with. A recent survey in the Guardian said 81 percent of people in the country are against fracking in England. Just 19 percent are for it.

"We don't want it and we know we don't need it. There are other solutions. It is not like 36 years ago- there are other solutions."

For example, he said, solar panels are a lot more common now and provide an energy source without using fossil fuels.

He added: "The world is heating up and we have to change. Our grandchildren are going to live in a totally different world."

A campaign group to fight any fracking in the county or the forest has been set up called Frack Off Our Forest.

To vote in the Greenpeace survey go to