ONE of the best-known names in rock and roll surprised an audience in Hereford on Saturday.

Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant turned up at the Left Bank where Deborah Bonham – sister of the rock band's drummer John Bonham – was performing with her own band.

Robert performed two songs – a Led Zeppelin track with Deborah's band and a cover of Shakin' All Over by Johnny Kidd and The Pirates with Deborah – to the delighted audience.

Promoter John Hales, of Porkbelly Promotions and Hereford Rocks, said: "I had a suspicion but nothing had been confirmed. It was something like intuition really, obviously with Deborah being John Bonham's sister and his [Robert’s] living close by.

"It made my day. He was a lovely guy, very amenable, chatty and willing to talk to people.

"I think everyone was over the moon. Everybody was ecstatic and cameras came out and everybody was having an amazing time.

"It transferred on to the stage as well. Teamwork made things possible and a big thanks must go to my publicity guru Clare Foster."

Mr Hales organises the Hereford Blues Club at the Booth Hall and anyone interested in finding out more about upcoming events can visit the Facebook page.

A blues festival is also being planned for the city for November.