PERMISSION has been granted to build 69 homes on the former site of Whitecross High School in Hereford.

Concerns were raised about access to the proposed estate, which will be in Baggallay Street, but Herefordshire Council's planning committee was told there was capacity for the extra traffic.

Planning officer Kelly Gibbons said all other possible access routes had been considered over the last ten years but were not suitable due to covenants and private land ownership.

The old Whitecross High School was demolished when pupils moved to a new site off Three Elms Road in 2006.

The committee heard the school buildings were knocked down several years ago and it is now considered a brownfield site.

Cllr Dave Greenhow said: "I think whatever goes here there is going to be some sort of traffic problem because of where it is... I don't see that much else could be done in terms of access other than what has been proposed."

He said he thought it would be better than the amount of traffic which would have been generated when it was a school but Cllr Felicity Norman, who used to teach at the school said most, if not all, pupils walked.

There will be 22 affordable homes within the development by Redrow Homes and there will be a mix of 1 and 2 bed apartments to 2, 3 and 4 bed dwellings.

Ms Gibbons said the site is close enough to the city for people to walk or cycle but Cllr Alan Seldon said the committee should not believe that people will as they already know 75 percent of journeys start and finish in the city.

Development manager Kevin Bishop said the delays in developing the site were due to flooding issues which have now been resolved.

He said the committee previously granted approval for 65 homes at the site but the developer pulled out.

Cllr Terry James said he was concerned that development would then take place on the playing fields but Mr Bishop said that would need to be a separate application and is subject to further constraints.

A majority of councillors voted to approve the application.