COUNCILLORS of a rural town feel they will be 'cut off' if an evening bus service is scrapped by the council.

The 461 bus service which runs from Hereford to Kington is currently being reviewed by Herefordshire Council as part of a consultation into public transport cuts.

Herefordshire Council state that evening services will be stopped from April 10, unless further funding can be found or parish councils contribute towards part of the service.

Despite the late evening service being used by only five people on some days Kington Town Councillors say that residents would be left stranded if the last bus is stopped.

The evening services costs the council £11.86 per passenger to subsidise.

"We will be a community cut off from a whole range of amenities," said councillor Christine Forrester.

"All the stuff about a volunteer community transport is not going to run without significant funding. We will end up so isolated here that we can't do anything.

"It is not on."

Mayor Elizabeth Banks told last week's town council meeting that students would be amongst those worst affected by the removal of the last bus.

She said: "I know a parent whose children both go to a Hereford school and one is a talented footballer, but he couldn't play extra football if the last bus was at 6.15pm.

"The other boy is in sixth form and couldn't do anything unless he can come back at 8.15pm. Some days there are 10 people on the bus while other days there are five on it.

"There is a problem trying to get people to use it but we all feel strongly about this and we need to do something about this quickly."

Councillor Bob Widdowson added that in the past parish councils have made up the difference in funding, but now they are being asked to take on more services while having less funds.

He added: "We need to contact Herefordshire Council and ask them the economic impact of the bus cuts."

Councillors agreed to form a task and finish group to form a response to the consultation which will be discussed at February's town council meeting.