80 FINISHED cattle (65 clean cattle, 15 over 36 month cattle and cull cows): A smaller entry for the Red Market met keen bidding on quality types achieving 210 pence on several occasions. Heavier cattle sold well, 180 -195 pence. However the entry was varied reducing overall averages. More cattle could have been sold to advantage.

Top price per kilo: 210 pence twice for entries from Mesr GE Phillips and Son, Raglan.

Top price per head: £1,361.61 for an entry from Mesr Sexty Bros, Ross-on-Wye.

15 cull cows, over 36 month clean: Beef cows sold well to a top of 155 pence (£1,005.80) however the entry was mainly dairy types and the trade was easier.

1081 lambs: A much improved lamb trade with a very strong demand selling to £90 on two occasions with a top price per kilo of 214 pence. An SQQ of 180.90p/kg was achieved. The overall average price of lambs was £79.02 per head (average weight 41.5kg).

Top price of lambs per kilo: 214.00p for an entry from Mr R A Williams, Malvern.

Top price of lambs per head: £90.00 twice for entries from the same vendor.

302 cull ewes and rams: An increased entry of ewes for the extra buying support present met an improved demand on all grades. Top quality ewes still in short supply but those forward sold to £107. The overall average was an outstanding £78.20, an increase of £10 per head on the previous week. First quality ewes sold from £85, second quality from £65, small and plain ewes sold to this figure. A large entry of varied quality rams sold to an average of £78.11.