FINISHED cattle - 313: A larger entry for the first sale in the New Year and a nice trade right the way through. Some very good cattle on offer but also some poorer shaped brethren. Best cattle were again easiest sold with the top price being 256.5p/kg for a heifer. Runs of good heifers between 220.0p/kg and 235.0p/kg. Steers were also well sold if they were the right weight. Weight is becoming paramount. Cattle much above 700kg are difficult to sell anywhere. Try putting some of these cattle on a grid and see how much they come to then. Prices were as follows:-

Medium steers: Best quality to 207.0p average 204.8p; also rans to 160.5p; overall average 185.6p.

Heavy steers: Best quality to 221.5p average 210.4p; standard quality to 197.0p average 189.2p; also rans to 180.0p; overall average 186.9p.

Medium heifers: Best quality to 234.5p average 219.6p; standard quality to 193.0p average 186.3p; also rans to 174.5p; overall average 199.7p

Heavy heifers: Best quality to 256.5p average 220.0p; standard quality to 199.5p average 189.9p; also rans to 179.5p; overall average 198.6p.

Light bulls: To 182.0p average 161.7p.

Medium bulls: To 205.5p average 180.0p.

Heavy bulls: To 210.5p average 186.1p.

Barren cows and old bulls - 40: A much brighter trade. As with the clean cattle firms suddenly looking for more cows. Prices were as follows:-

Grade 1 Cows to 145.00p average 139.25p.

Grade 2 Cows to 126.50p average 124.88p.

Grade 3 Cows to 116.00p average 107.47p.

Grade 4 Cows to 93.00p average 65.50p.

Overall average 99.20p.

Finished sheep - 4,679: A bright hogget trade. Plenty of buyers and a really good trade. A good feel to it. Medium hoggets reached 212.5p/kg. Certainly the recent weather conditions in different parts of the country is affecting supply. Prices were as follows:-

Light Hoggets to 180.0p average 176.1p.

Standard Hoggets to 206.0p average 183.4p.

Medium Hoggets to 212.5p average 182.1p.

Heavy Hoggets to 197.0p average 176.1p.

Overweight Hoggets to 170.5p average 166.1p.

Export quality lambs sold up to 212.5p per kilo and averaged 186.1p per kilo and home trade lambs sold up to 181.5p per kilo and averaged 178.6p per kilo.

Cull ewes: A nice entry of killing ewes sold to a strong trade throughout with a strong compliment of buyers competing well for every pen. Better ewes selling to £118.50 averaging £66.90. With the trade like it is at the moment please keep your ewes coming. Rams to £98.00 average £81.44.