110 FINISHED cattle (95 clean cattle, 15 over 36 month cattle and cull cows): A larger entry of clean cattle sold to a strong trade. There were some good sorts in the entry which was dominated by steers. Better sorts sold from 210 – 216.5 pence. There were nine buyers in attendance and plenty more could have been sold to advantage.

Top price per kilo: 216.5 pence for an entry from Mesr DE and SJ Cheacker, Pilning.

Top price per head: £1,470.32 for an entry from Mesr MA Hardy Ltd, Barry.

15 Cull cows, over 36 month clean: A short entry of cull cattle sold to a welcome improved trade. Better sorts sold to 140 pence to generate £1,178.

1100 Hoggets: Hoggets met a very strong and fast trade topping at £90 and 195p/kg. All classes met fierce demand achieving an SQQ of 176.8p. More hogs required to meet demand from buyers. The overall average price was £77.20 per head (average weight 43.8kg).

Top price of Hoggets per kilo: 195.00p for an entry from Mr MJ Turner, Cross Ash.

Top price of Hoggets per head: £90.00 twice for entries from Mrs RO King, Minsterworth and Mr MJ Turner, Cross Ash.

505 Cull ewes and rams: An increased entry of ewes met a continued good trade. Best shaped ewes in short supply but those forward sold to £118, considering the varied quality forward the overall average was a very impressive £72.20. First quality ewes sold from £85, second quality from £65, small and plain ewes sold to this figure. A large entry of rams also met a good trade selling to an average of £78.02.