Chairman of the Dame Anna Childs trust John Morris welcomed everyone to the event at Whitton Community Hall to celebrate the 290 years of the Dame Anna Childs Trust providing education in Whitton.

He said "This occasion is a celebration of the 290 years that the trust has provided education in Whitton. I am very thank full to all the past and present pupils staff and parents who have come along today and all the governors and managers for their work over the years beyond the call of duty. The trust with their land will continue." Graham Skipworth the last chairman of school governors said "I would like to thank all the people who have helped to organise this celebration today especially my wife Helen and Nigel Morgan. He also welcomed Mr Denys Smith who wrote the history of the school and was a head teacher at the school from 1969 till 1984.

Mr Denys Smith said "It is such a shame the school has had to close because it is unique in Wales and I'm told in England too. While researching the school's history I found out at times pupil numbers had gone down to just two or three pupils and it didn't close." Denys went on to say he was very happy to be here today and although he didn't recognise anyone so far hopefully someone would recognise him. Talking later Mr Smith said his best memory of his time at the school is when the swimming pool was opened and people used to come from miles around to learn to swim he said he taught "dozens if not hundreds of children to swim and the day I retired I jumped in the pool with all my clothes on. It was a great school with the trust ensuring there was always money available for what the pupils needed." Denys was recognised by lots of people and soon realised he knew many people too and spent the afternoon catching up on old times.

At the event there were around 200 people made up of former pupils and staff dating back to the 1930s former governors and trustees, parents of those who attended over the years and lots of other people with an interest in the school. All the school open for the day, there was a DVD showing pictures of the school since the 1920s and in the hall there was the original paperwork from 1723 showing the first school building and the land owned by the trust. This paperwork was found in the last week under a bedspread in the home of the late Brian Morgan. One of the oldest former pupils at the event was Joyce George nee Powell who now lives in Bleddfa. Joyce went to the school from 1936 till 1940. The head teacher at the time was Mr West who she described as a good teacher, his wife also taught in the school. She remembers there were over 40 pupils in the school, the toilets were outside and many of the children went home for their lunch. Joyce left at 14 years old and went to help on the family farm.