CHARLES Court residents baked and decorated their 'peace and goodwill to all' Christmas cake with advice and supplies from Keith Clements of Confectionary Supplies in Hereford. The collaboration continued with Adam Tinton's (Charles Court's head chef) expertise with both the marzipan and smooth icing and with Clarissa Haley (activities coordinator) organising each step of the process.

The 'peace and goodwill to all' Christmas cake was judged by taste, presentation and a portfolio of photographs highlighting Charles Court residents participation in every stage of the cake off.

Special thanks to the cake off team: Irene, Rita, Vera, Haidee, Patricia, Jeanne, Pixie, Eva, Nancy, Bunty (Charles Court residents), Adam Tinton (head chef), and Keith Clements (Confectionary Supplies, Hereford) Clarissa Haley (activities coordinator).