STORE cattle – 382: A good entry for December and a nice ring full of buyers. There was a total clearance and prices more than satisfied vendors expectations. All the steers of whatever type, quality and size to include some extremely lean brethren averaged 195.0p/kg with all of the heifers again of whatever type, quality and size averaging 190.0p/kg. All of the bulls, to include several over age bulls, averaged 214.0p/kg. Steers peaked at 254.0p/kg, heifers 262.0p/kg and bulls 278.0p/kg. A young Simmental breeding bull made £1,270 . Cows and calves were in great demand with older cows and bull calves to £1,390 average £1,200. Cows and heifer calves to £1,200 average £1,020 . Feeding cows reached £855 (133.0p/kg) and averaged £575 (98.0p/kg). Other prices were as follows:-

Charolais Steers to £725, £660, £575 (top 254.0p/kg average 243.0p/kg).

Charolais Heifers to £1040, £975, £945, £935, £845, £830, £810, £805, £750 (x2), £670, £620, £590 (top 262.0p/kg average 202.7p).

Simmental Steers to £710 (206.0p/kg).

Limousin Steers to £890, £875, £865 (x2), £850, £840, £790, £775, £730, £650, £595 (top 241.0p/kg average 208.4p/kg).

Limousin Heifers to £950, £935, £920, £870, £845, £840 (x2), £800, £790, £780, £775, £765, £760, £745, £735, £730, £720, £700 (x2), £660, £655, £650, £645, £640, £630, £625, £505, £445 (top 254.0p/kg average 204.7p/kg).

British Blue Steers to £910, £905, £805, £790, £780, £730 (top 226.0p/kg average 207.4p/kg).

British Blue Heifers to £995, £955 (x2), £910, £835, £820, £780 (x2), £775, £700, £630, £610, £600, £535 (top 244.0p/kg average 197.0p/kg).

Blonde D'Aquitaine Steers to £800, £795 (top 199.0p/kg average 180.0p/kg).

Blonde D'Aquitaine Heifers to £860, £745, £525 (top 256.0p/kg average 210.7p/kg).

Aberdeen Angus Heifers to £770, £670 (top average 146.0p/kg).

Hereford Steers to £755, £695, £690 (top 204.0p/kg average 194.6p/kg).

Hereford Heifers to £895, £770, £700 (x2), £645, £445 (top 160.0p/kg average 147.0p/kg).

Dairy Shorthorn Steers to £600 (169.0p/kg).

Dairy Shorthorn Heifers to £420 (153.0p/kg).

Longhorn Steers to £645 (193.0p/kg).

Longhorn Heifers to £520 (x2), £505, £480, £455 (top 163.0p/kg average 142.0p/kg).

Saler Steers to £790, £730 (top 203.0p/kg average 191.0p/kg).

Saler Heifers to £990, £400 (top 200.0p/kg average 194.0p/kg).

Normande Steers to £940 (171.0p/kg).

Beef Shorthorn Steers to £955 (180.0p/kg).

Beef Shorthorn Heifers to £790 (161.0p/kg).

Shetland Steers to £400, £310 (top 115.0p/kg average 109.6p/kg).

Shetland Heifers to £270 (108.0p/kg).

Fleckvieh Steers to £875 (188.0p/kg).

Bazadaise Steers to £700, £650, £635, £600 (top 245.0p/kg average 217.0p/kg).

Bazadaise Heifers to £680, £595, £500, £445 (top 233.0p/kg average 216.0p/kg).

Bull prices were as follows:

Charolais Bulls to £1070, £950, £945, £905, £840, £820, £710, £670, £640, £610 (top 278.0p/kg average 216.7p/kg).

Limousin Bulls to £1100, £1030, £1005, £1000 (x2), £965, £950, £940, £915, £900, £875, £850 (x2), £835, £825, £820, £810, £805, £790, £775 (x2), £760, £745, £740, £725, £700, £690, £680, £675, £665, £645 (x2), £630, £625 (top 260.0p/kg average 223.0p/kg).

British Blue Bulls to £905, £755 (top 232.0p/kg average 218.4p/kg).

Blonde D'Aquitaine Bulls to £505 (194.0p/kg).

Aberdeen Angus Bulls to £685, £540, £530 (top 185.0p/kg average 178.0p/kg).

Hereford Bulls to £665, £650, £610, £565 (top 250.0p/kg average 210.0p/kg).

Beef Shorthorn Bulls to £665, £640 (top 191.0p/kg average 188.8p/kg).

Friesian Bulls to £400 (119.0p/kg).

Saler Bulls to £950, £940 (x2), £930, £870, £750, £680, £460 (top 247.0p/kg average 221.3p/kg).

South Devon Bulls to £865, £725 (x2), £695, £685 (top 207.0p/kg average 190.7p/kg).

Store sheep – 3,967: A store lamb trade which was a little bit under pressure which is understandable in the current situation. Nevertheless a very firm level of trade and plenty of buyers to bid for the lambs and a virtual total clearance. Strong store lambs sold up to £75.50 and averaged £66.50, medium store lambs to £63 average £57.50, small store lambs to £55 average £51.36, mini stores to £45 average £42.50. Crossbred ewe lambs to £60 In-lamb stock ewes to £107.

Calves and weanlings – 11: An excellent trade and nowhere near enough calves for the people standing around the ring. Rearing bull calves to £360 Rearing heifer calves to £260, weaned steer calves to £505 average £388, weaned heifer calves to £300 average £262. More needed.

December 14

Finished cattle – 290: A slightly brighter trade on the clean cattle with increased buying support present. Some nice cattle in the entry and these met plenty of competition especially if you consider the prices being paid deadweight. Very big cattle were difficult and over age cattle were more difficult as were the non FABBL'd. These have to particularly compete with cheap imports. Prices were as follows:-

Medium steers: Standard quality to 194.0p average 194.0p Also rans to 122.5p; Overall average 178.1p.

Heavy steers: Best quality to 229.5p average 205.4p; Standard quality to 194.0p average 186.8p; Also rans to 177.0p; Overall average 185.2p.

Medium heifers: Best quality to 235.5p average 211.9p; Standard quality to 193.5p average 186.1p; Also rans to 162.0p; Overall average 194.5p

Heavy heifers: Best quality to 245.0p average 217.6p; Standard quality to 194.0p average 185.8p; Also rans to 176.5p; Overall average 198.6p.

The bull entry was dominated by Friesians this week. These met ready competition and prices which would more than compare with deadweight quotations especially if you consider recent grid alterations.

Light bulls: To 181.5p average 171.0p.

Medium bulls: To 193.0p average 175.9p.

Heavy bulls: To 213.5p average 183.9p.

Barren cows and old bulls – 41: A trade which was very difficult again. Please, please become FABBL'd. This makes a huge difference. Again some very fat cows in the entry and these are worth no more than a plain cow. Everything under pressure. Few well fleshed cows in the entry. Prices were as follows:-

Grade 1 Cows to 133 p average 109.50p, Grade 2 Cows to 108 p average 96.70p, Grade 3 Cows to 95 p average 93.50p, Grade 4 Cows to 87.50p average 66.92p, Old Bulls to 114.50p average 102 p, Overall average 86.70p.

Finished sheep – 2,779: A firm level of demand right the way through. Some nice lambs in the entry and these sold up to 195.5p/kg. Trade was better than many anticipated following the drop in prices at the end of last week. Prices were as follows:-

Light Lambs to 142.0p average 140.6p, Standard Lambs to 195.0p average 159.9p, Medium Lambs to 186.0p average 162.3p, Heavy Lambs to 195.5p average 156.9p, Overweight Lambs to 165.0p average 152.4p.

Export quality lambs sold up to 195.0p per kilo and averaged 177.6p per kilo and home trade lambs sold up to 161.5p per kilo and averaged 158.8p per kilo.

Cull Ewes: Another excellent entry of cull ewes met a firmer trade on all sorts in particular larger lean ewes. Stronger Continentals selling to £120.50 with an overall average on all ewes of £64.69. Rams to £135 average £72.46. Ewes will be required next week before the Christmas period.