FINISHED lambs: 1553 lambs to an easier trade with all weight categories less money, generally 10p/kg back, as increased numbers outstrip demand. Despite this a clearance was achieved to level at 151.13p/kg. Better bred finished lambs nearer 160 pence but plainer sorts difficult to sell.

Cull sheep: 381 cull sheep sold to a good trade although not quite the spark of last week. Texels sold to £94 from Mrs JM Grey, £90 J Rosser and £88.50 R and L Anthony. Suffolks to £88 from EH Leyshon. The plainer and Hill bred ewes looked a good trade, the best Welsh to £50.50 from EW Smith, the best over £45. Rams topped at £92 from L Johnson and Son, Wethers to £68 from MW Watkins.

Store sheep: 185 store lambs continued to sell to a fantastic trade, many pens being in excess of the fat trade. Suffolk cross lambs sold to £65 from JN Turner and Sons, Texel cross to £62 from CR Williams and £60.50 from DJ and JM Perkins. Good farming lambs £55-£60, small well bred lambs £48-£53. Ram lambs topped at £51 for Speckles from RD Groucott, and £49 from Stride and Deathe. Again there were plenty of buyers in attendance and many more lambs could have been sold.

42 young calves maintaining recent levels, all the best continental bulls between £300 and £350. Top price was paid for a five week old Blue calf from Price and Co Farming Ltd, whilst JCR and CM Vaughan had Limousins to £320. A couple of smaller calves made £185-£195. Heifers were a similar trade to the bulls with seven between £290 and £340 (WTR and JA Parry) and the rest £230-£275. Dairy bulls were a good steady trade with the best £60-£80, again led by an excellent run from Price and Co Farming Ltd, and the slightly smaller calves £40-£60.

Strong calves: Just four on offer, with none of any size. Six month Charolais steer - £450 - RD Williams, Five month Limousin heifer - £410 - JB, M and MA Williams.

Breeding cattle: A quality entry of breeding cattle sold to a lively trade throughout. A super consignment of British Blue cross Friesian Heifers with young Limousin calves from Messrs WLS Morgan and Son, Clytha, met a tremendous trade selling to a top of £2,000 for one with a one month old bull calf, with others at £1,700. £1,620 and £1,550.

A Simmental Bull from LLO Jones and Son sold at £1,200 with a 17 month old Hereford from CT and GT Williams at £700.

Feeding bulls: 14 forward with more demand than recently. Top selling at £795 for a 14 month Simmental from WE Parry and Sons. RD Walters sold 5 month old Charolais at £720, and Mrs MA Jones sold a six month old British Blue at £710.

Stirks/young stores: Another useful entry of young stores met a fast trade with six to 11 month Charolais steers from M Evans, Blackwood to £790, 12 month Limousins to £710 from MA Lean and Son, and heifers to £635, (Lim, 12m) from the same home.

Store cattle: An excellent seasonal entry of 168 stores met another sharp trade with some great quality on offer. Very few strong cattle on offer but there were a good number of excellent wintering cattle. Charolais steers (18m-585kgs) from MT and DR Watkins, Abergavenny, topped the sale at £1,200. A quality consignment from JG Biggs and Son, Penrhos, sold to £1,100 (19m-560kgs, Blonde) with others from the same home at £1,090, (18m-480kgs) and £1,060 (21m-535kgs). Other leaders included £1,090, TJ and DA Stephens, Cilfrew (18m-480kgs), and £1,030, VB, KM and AV Collins (18m-510kgs), and N Campbell (19-20m, Char) to £1,025.

Younger cattle continue to sell extremely well with several runs of smart young cattle forward. T and D Thomas and Mrs Walker, Llancarfan sold to £940 (Lim, 14m) with others at £830 (Lim, 11m) from the same home. TL Jones and Son sold a 13 month Limousin steer to £900. Mrs E Williams and Sons, Coity sold smart 8 month old Limousin steers to £895 with others to £840. The entry of heifers also lacked overall strength, but included some well bred sorts again meeting a sharp trade. Miss A Jenkins sold 14-17 month Limousins (430kgs) at £910 with JG Biggs and Son selling to £900 (Char, 17-19m, 450kgs), R Davies, Chepstow sold British Blues (18m) to £900. Messrs Stephens sold to £825 (17m, BRB) peaking at 221.5p/kg, with Messrs Howells to 217p/kg (14-18m, Lims, 400kgs) at £870.

Cull cattle: 39 culls to a steady trade with Farm Assurance continuing to make a difference. British Blues to £920 from AP Robinson, Limousins to £915 from TJ Bayliss, Friesians to £815 from DP Rees and Co, all Farm Assured!