MEMBERS of Knighton Young Farmers club put on an evening of entertainment at Knighton community last weekend that included their first ever nativity play. The event raised about £1,000 for club fund that will be used to help the club with competitions and take members on educational visits. Compare for the evening was Mat O'Rourke who brought his own brand of humour to the evening and during a slight technical hitch surprised most of the audience by playing a guitar and singing Wild Thing.

Mat introduced a series of acts including first dancers Sophie Licence-Law, Jessica Morgan, Cerys Wood, Amy Morgan, Rachel Mills and Maddie Price, they were followed by a comedy sketch called Carry on Ploughing by Ewan Morris and Llewellyn Powell and then the singing of In a Bleak Mid Winter by mum and daughter Lynda and Cerys Wood.

Next some ballroom dancing by Ceri Powell, Cerys Wood, Sophie Licence-Law, George Gough, Llewellyn Powell, Griff Hodnett, Sally Gough and Zac Powell, Chloe Lewis then sang Riptide followed by sisters Cerys and Natalie Wood singing Winter Wonderland.

Next came the break when refreshments were served and charity auction was held with David Morgan as auctioneer. The second half of the evening started with another comedy sketch Crazy Little Thing Called Love written by Isobel Morris and performed by Griff Hodnett, Ewan Morris and Kate Morgan, followed by a humorous poem by Isobel Morris assisted by Shirley Brown. Kate Morgan and Matt Price then sang Fairy Tale of New York and then the raffle was drawn before the nativity.

The nativity written and produced by David Morgan told the story of Mary and Joseph arriving in Bethlehem but by tractor instead of donkey. The nativity followed the traditional story with popular carols and added young farmers humour throughout. At the end of the event George Gough thanked everyone who had supported them including Mat the compare. He went on to praise the members, club leaders and parents for all their hard work. George then said a special thanks to David Morgan and Lynda Wood for all the hard work they had put in.