OUR One in Eight appeal has now been pushed over the £50,000 mark with a successful sale in Skenfrith.

It was the 14th year for The Bell at Skenfrith’s annual charity sale and this year boasted 23 stalls from all over the UK.

The Bell closed the hotel for the Sunday night and the rooms were all booked by stallholders.

Venetia Williams, Kings Caple National Hunt trainer and Grand National winning trainer, opened the sale at a Tanners Champagne reception on the Sunday night.

The sale continued on the Monday when there was a shoppers' lunch.

About 300 people attended and an impressive £3,500 was raised for our One in Eight appeal.

Sponsors included Burgoynes (marquee), Tanners Champagne, Impact Print for the invitations, Moby Nicks for the smoked salmon and Sarah and Richard Ireton at The Bell.

This pushes the campaign total to £51,500. We are aiming to raise £60,000 to fund a specialist nurse for two years at the breast cancer support centre in St Owen Street.

One in eight women in Herefordshire can now expect to be affected by breast cancer at some point in their lives.

In Herefordshire 128.5 patients per 100,000 get breast cancer which is just above the England average of 125.7.

This means referrals are increasing at the support centre, which offers free psychological support and complementary therapies for those with breast cancer.

The centre receives no government funding and is entirely dependent on charitable donations.