THE Mayor of Ross-on-Wye has apologised for saying taxpayers would pay for a parking fine on a TV programme and said he now like to continue serving his community.

Cllr Colin Gray was caught on camera for ITV documentary Parking Wars when he received a parking fine in Hereford's Gaol Street.

He told the parking enforcement officers he would appeal the £50 fine "otherwise the rate payers of Ross will pay for it."

At the start of Ross town council's meeting on Monday night he issued a statement which said: "I want to express my regret at my response and the subsequent exchange that took place between myself and the car parking officer.

"I had no intention of trying to make a claim from the council to cover the cost of the fine. I made the payment from my own finances the following day.

"I am sorry that my actions have caused distress to others and I would like to put this unfortunate incident behind me.

"I intend to continue serving my community in any way I can and use my influence for the good of those living and working in Ross.

"I would now ask that you respect my wish to draw a line under this matter and return to business as usual."

The meeting then carried on as usual.

Town councillor, Jo Jennings, was not at the meeting as she has reportedly gone on strike from the council after she said councillors were told not to discuss the matter with the press or public.

Cllr Jennings was elected onto the council for the first time in May.

She has not responded to Hereford Times' request for a comment but on Facebook she said: "I feel that I simply don't BELONG in Council anymore. I'd rather focus on those I love. I'd rather focus on raving and ranting. I'd rather focus on writing. I'd rather focus on "reaching out", which is just what I sought to do throughout my brief time as a councillor. I hope that the "friends" I made during these pitiful attempts at sanity will remember me as such."