ANIMAL rights activists are believed to be pointing a finger at Tyrrells.

It is understood the award-winning Herefordshire crisp enterprise is being targeted for using potatoes from a farm where badgers are being killed as part of the Government-backed cull aimed at controlling bovine tuberculosis.

The Mail on Sunday claimed that the pressure group, Stop the Cull, turned its attention to Tyrrells for buying the vegetables from Cobrey Farms, near Ross-on-Wye.

The weekend article alleges that activists are aiming to disrupt business at Cobrey Farms on the basis that part of its holding lies inside the Gloucestershire cull zone.

The story went on to add that the activists urged their supporters to lobby Tyrrells’ chief executive, David Milner.

The National Farmers’ Union has been granted a High Court injunction in the High Court to protect farmers in the cull areas from “harassment”.

Chris Chinn, from Cobrey Farms, said told the Hereford Times that there would be “no comment”, but referred to a statement from the NFU.

“Whether you agree with the badger cull or not, it is part of the government’s 25-year strategy to eliminate bovine tuberculosis in this country,” said the NFU statement.

“We need the strategy to be implemented in full, including culling in areas where bovine TB is rife – it is based on the best available evidence and scientific advice and gives us the best chance of controlling and eradicating this disease.

“Actions like those being employed by certain groups show these groups up for exactly what they are – extremists who think it is perfectly acceptable to try to bully, harass and intimidate private businesses who are doing nothing wrong.”

Tyrrells had not commented responded to the Hereford Times for comment at the time of going to press.