IF one in eight women in the county can expect a breast cancer diagnosis – that means there are seven others to help her out.

Jane Williams, though, found her “one in a million”.

Diagnosed in August 2008, Jane saw her close friend Martina step up to take care of her two children when she had to go into Hereford County Hospital for surgery and chemotherapy.

Martina is a mother of four herself.

Jane and Martina recently hosted an “afternoon tea party” for their friends – raising £350 for One in Eight in the process.

Marathon man Mike Chandler – the postman well known for running for The Haven – was one of the many attendees.

Jane first heard about The Haven from her chemotherapy nurse.

“As soon as I walked through the door I felt at home," she added.

"Everyone was so wonderful and understanding.

"I undertook a programme of shiatsu massage and acupuncture to help ease the side-effects of chemotherapy, and once I started to feel stronger took part in the weekly specialist yoga class.”

Just 43 when diagnosed, Jane, with children aged nine and 12, wore a wig to disguise her hair loss.

The Haven, she says, was the only place she felt comfortable enough to take that wig off.

“I'm in no doubt at all that we are extremely fortunate to have The Haven on our doorstep in Hereford, and that they helped me to put my mind and soul back together while the hospital was mending my body," she said.

“The therapies I received helped me to become mentally and physically stronger, gave my children back their Mum, and enabled me to return to my demanding job as a Project Manager much sooner than I might have done otherwise.”

While Martina, said Jane, is “one in a million.”