A HEREFORD couple is raising money for the charity that saved their son's life after he was hit by a car outside school.

Milo Millmore was waiting to cross the road with his mum outside Holmer Academy one afternoon in October 2013 when he ran out and was in collision with a car.

The six-year-old suffered serious internal injuries including damage to his spleen, kidney, liver and a collapsed lung. He also suffered major head injuries.

He was airlifted to Birmingham Children’s Hospital and while en-route was given an injection which was developed for wounded soldiers in Afghanistan to slow down internal bleeding.

When they arrived in Birmingham, the helicopter had to circle for 20 minutes as the traffic had not been pulled back enough, landing on a cricket pitch where an ambulance waited to transport him to hospital.

Milo’s dad, Mark Millmore, said: “About 20 nurses and doctors were there waiting for him. Most of the professionals believed he would have died on arrival if it wasn't for the air ambulance.

“He was in a coma for 10 days at the hospital. It was hell – absolute hell. We were in this bubble and the rest of the world was carrying on as normal. We didn't think he was going to survive.”

At just six years old, Milo was given morphine and ketamine and spent several weeks in hospital.

Thankfully, he made a full recovery and is now just a 'normal boy', full of energy and with his own YouTube channel.

But his parents haven’t forgotten how lucky they are and want to thank the Midlands Air Ambulance by raising enough money to save someone else’s life.

Mr Millmore said: “At the time we didn’t know the Air Ambulance was a charity which has no government or national lottery funding.

“It saves lives by getting critically injured people to hospital within the ‘golden hour’ (60 minutes after their injury) and since 1991, the charity has responded to more than 41,000 life saving missions each costing £2,500.

"One of the positive sides of this is that I really appreciate every moment I'm with the children. Those moments are golden."

A fundraising event is to take place at the Left Bank in Hereford on Friday August 21 at 7.30pm.

Those attending will be fed freshly cooked Javanese food (Mr Millmore's wife, Parti, is Javanese) while listening to the music of Andy Sheppard, one of the UK’s top Jazz Saxophonists.

There will also be music from Emily Beament and Bradley Langston as well as a licensed bar with cocktails, a raffle with prizes, an auction and some dancing.

To buy tickets, which cost £20 each, visit http://javafood.co.uk/