GRAHAM Miln is returning from Australia to his native Herefordshire to concentrate full time on a computer software business that he started as a teenager.

He has been working in Sydney in the research and development division of international company Toshiba, but has given it up to concentrate on his Dragon Systems Software company.

Graham, a former student at the Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School, set up the part-time business when he was a student at Birmingham University.

He is returning to concentrate on the launch of the latest version of his Power Manager software - which is winning orders in Europe, the United States and Japan.

"It is environmentally friendly and can save users money by automatically turning on and off Apple computers," said Graham.

"Computers are the biggest energy cost for businesses after lighting and leaving machines kept on unnecessarily wastes huge amounts of money."

He claims the software has benefits to companies and organisations ranging from small cottage industries to major corporations and pays for itself in between six months and two years, depending upon the number of machines.

Graham said the software was applicable to Apple machines, which are popular in schools and research institutions and more widely used overseas than in this country.

He hoped there would be an application that could be used on personal computers in the future.