Hereford United in court: It's over - judge orders club to be wound up

Our live feed has now finished.

  • Hereford United wound up in Royal Courts of Justice
  • Club had to prove today it had £1 million in place to pay outstanding debts
  • These include well over £100,000 to HMRC, as well as nearly a quarter of a million to other creditors
  • Court heard there was no evidence of the cash being in place
  • End of an era for Hereford United - fans crowd outside Edgar Stree
  • Judge orders club to be wound up
  • Players are seen leaving the club - police on scene overseeing situation
  • Herefordshire Council says it is looking to take back ground on Monday
  • Councillor Jim Kenyon asks for volunteers to help keep ground secure
  • Club legends speak of their sadness and hope for future
  • John Hale - businessman behind possible phoenix club to meet council on Monday


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