JUST watching the two actors in Stones in His Pockets transform into the 15 different characters they played was a marvel in itself, but to top it off they did it very well indeed.

Conor Delaney and Stephen Jones were both brilliant in the two man show at Malvern Theatre on Friday, which is directed by Games of Thrones star, Ian McElhinney.

After 15 years away from the play, McElhinney returned to the show, written by his wife. Marie Jones.

And he has made a very good job of it, but of course most of the praise had to be heaped on the two very capable actors.

They flit between their characters with such ease and talent, and you knew exactly who they were playing straight away.

There was very little in the way of props and it relied on the movement and facial expressions of the actors themselves.

The story is set in County Kerry where a film company is recording a new movie, with an Americana actress playing the lead role.

The locals are playing extras in the film and the main crux of the story focuses on the affable Jake and dreamer Charlie.

Delaney and Jones’ characters were very distinct- it was particularly funny when Jones shimmied and simpered as film star Caroline and Delaney played the sycophantic production assistant Ashley.

They so quickly flit from one character to another, it was a wonder they remembered who they were playing.

Among the comedy moments, a tragedy happened in the town, and the sadder and more moving moments were played just as well by the actors.

Stones in His Pockets is a brilliant show, made even better by the incredible talent of the actors.